Matrix Currency Trading


Short form presentasjon

On the following pages you will be presented with Matrix Currency Trading. 

The Matrix system is here explained to meet investors need for knowledge to help decide if this type of investment can meet the actual investor’s profile.  

Matrix Currency Trading

For the technicaly interested investors

Why join in to Matrix Currency Trading?

1. Matrix Currency Trading in this presentation called MCT combines high monthly gain without the high risk normally connected with normal Forex Currency Trading. The big difference comes from the fact that a normal trader trades with 1 combined strategy, and we are trading with 5 combined strategies and with orders sizes 20% of traditional order size instead of 100%. This make the real risk minimized, as one strategy can fail without ant problem for the account. 

2. The setup of the funding account and the trading account and the live account reporting page as well as the inter connections and handling are done by us with no costs for the Investor. The investor always is the trading account owner, so no funds to be deposited with the traders managing accounts. 

3. As a result of the MCT trading methods, the Investor can always withdraw bigger part of the trading account equity on 1- week notice. This is one of the positive and very important benefits using the MCT trading system. 

4. Smaller part of the equity can always be withdrawn on same day basis. 

5. The investor gets a MasterCard and a number account with the banking company ePayments. With this card the investor can conveniently withdraw earned money. 

6. So, any investor can join with us *minimum 5000 USD start balance on account. We handle all account matters and setups with close cooperation with you all the way until trading starts, and then we are your accessible account management only a phone call (0034 693 82 1717) or a Skype call (alferik1) or an email ( away.

The Matrix Currency Trading system is a result from 10 years of investigation and programming and testing. 

This system is based on the fact that normal trading with 1 strategy in trade sooner or later will result in account elimination as funds in negative open trades grow bigger than the accounts available capital. 

By running a Matrix with 5 advanced and well tested strategies on same account with 20% the size of a regular order size, the account will be able to consume a negative hit to one of the 5 strategies. The account will show that there was a bad day in trading, but no catastrophe with the account. 

By addressing this problem and create this well tested solution, the risk has been drastically reduced. 

We can now trade with goal 15% to 20% per month with maximum risk to be 25% of the account.


Earning versus Risk

1. The MCT trading system is designed to minimize the risk of the invested funds in the first 3 months and after that to minimize the risk of total account losses during the account total life span. After 3 months, the invested funds normally are kept in the account as underlying security without being actively used in the trading. 

2. Our monthly goal for gain of the investors equity is 15% to 20% 
As this is average, some moths can be 5% and some months can be 25% increase of account equity. Risk with the MCT trading system has to be evaluated in two ways. The risk with the invested capital is limited to max 25% during the 3 first month, and after that the risk is no existing. The system trades entirely using earned capital after 3 months. 
Also, during the first 3 months the usage of originally invested capital is normally far below 25%. 
*See links to 4 live money trading pages clearly showing usage of originally invested funds with the actual account.

Thanks to this way of programmed Matrix trading, the available free capital on the account will always be nearer to the account balance. This fact in turn means that more of your capital is available if and when needed. 

The MCT system measures available free capital before the system takes a trade, and the trade size will be finally determined after the system has tested a further number of significant factors. This step also reduces the portion of the account's equity capital that is locked in trades.

Long Time or Short Time Investment

1. A typical lifetime for an account managed by us will be entirely up to the investor/account owner. Typically, an investor let the account be traded for 12 months, and then the account owner for example decide to make a withdrawal or may be decide to let the account go on trading without any withdrawals to maximize the earning potential. Or the owner may have other plans and decides to liquidate/finish the account. It is all entirely up to the investor/account owner. 

2. Normally any investor now and then takes out and add on amounts from account, and let the account go on trading. We are in such cases always there ready to assist when wanted.

Our 5 strategies are typically top when they are placed in "active" service. Then things happen in the market, such that any currency is sold / bought over time more than one other currency, and the current strategy produces suddenly worse. We are therefore continuously analyzing the 5 strategies, and we have more strategies running in the test at any time.


Taking profits out the Matrix Currency Trading account

A. If you decide to take out some of your earnings from your account, this is easily done. 

B. You can handle the withdrawal yourself and make the withdrawal and the transfer to ePayment. You then transfer the money to your original bank account or to your ePayment MasterCard. 

C. You can also do withdrawals with our assistance. We then do the steps for you, as you are feeding us with the one-time PIN code that we need to make any account withdrawal from your account. We charge nothing for our assistance. Any kind of management traffic like withdrawals and account related matters will always be informed to you real time from the broker or from ePayments by email. 

D. Withdrawals can be done at any time during opening hours.

To run this MCT trading system in an optimal way, it is needed multiple servers placed conveniently around the globe where the trades we are going to trade are originally generated and/or computed. 

Timing is very important in this type of trading, and we are using really fast servers with huge calculations capacity. 1 millisecond is a lot in this really high demand for server speed. 

Our servers have a 100% uptime guarantee.

Ending the Matrix Currency Trading engagement

1. For more major withdrawals or termination of account, please contact us 1 week before, and we will help you through the procedures needed. We charge nothing for this service.

Our servers are based in London and in New Jersey (USA) and in Fuengirola (Spain) and in Auckland (New Zealand) and finally in Ontario (Canada). 

Our programming people are based in Kirov in Russia. 

What is in it for us as traders and system management operators?

We calculate the actual accounts gain at the end of each calendar month and charge you 20% of the gain your account achieved in that month. No gain/increase of equity in any month means no money to us on the trading and management side that month. So, our only incentive is to make the accounts to have gain every month.

Thanks to really good internet coverage using phone and Skype and email, this solution to get advanced monitoring and programming serve us very well. 

How to follow the trading on your account?

1. We will supply to you a link to your account. On that page you can see all details of interest for you as account owner. 

2. Please see here attached page regarding how to use and understand your personal trading account page. 

3. We will on regular bases send links and information to your email and your Skype as preferred by you.

This solution also has a positive side when it comes to project economy. 

Any question is welcome 

Phone call: 0034 693 82 1717 

Skype call: alferik1